The Amazing Spider-Man #244 and #245

After break ins at Osborn Industries, Spider-Man investigates the information collected by the police and listens to two policemen talking about a new assault that is occurring right then. Spider-man gets there and watches aH Hobgoblin’s gang stealing more chemical products from Osborn Corps.

He stops the assault but one man escapes after provoking a fire in the premises. Spidey saves the gang’s men lives but the man he believes is the Hobgoblin is missing.

Listening to the assaultant’s words Spider-man knows about the name of the man who escaped (and that he things is the Hobgoblin): Lefty Donovan. Who is arriving to a mansion in Long Island where the real Hobgoblin was waiting for him and his load of chemical products he will used to acquire the strength of the first Green Goblin.

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